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French is my mother tongue, a grammatically complex, poetic language that conveys much nuance and emotion. I have always taken great care to use it correctly.

After graduating in management, human resources management and communication, I had a 20-year career in insurance and aeronautics in France and specialised in sustainable development. 

I then moved to Japan, maintaining a desire to use my skills and experience to the fullest.  I underwent intensive proofreading training with MD-Mots, and under guidance of the entrepreneurs' club of the association Femmes Actives Japon, I became a freelance proofreader - on duty for my beloved French language! 

My clients are located in France, in Japan, as well as in Québec.


Quality comes from collaboration. 

You are the author!  The work will be published in your name,

and you should be the final arbiter of the contents.

Before your text is published, I offer: 

1) discussion to define your content together, the tools and the best approach;
2) a detailed analysis of your document and an email report or online consulting;
3) a final discussion, as needed;
4) an anonymous customer satisfaction survey, because your opinion matters!

If possible, take time to carefully review your text between proofreading and publishing.

Sustainable development

In all my activity, I do my utmost to respect the stakeholders : you, my client (the author), as well as my suppliers, with whom I stay in contact on a regular basis. 


I pay close attention to energy consumption and the waste I produce. For example, I sometimes recommend an ecological font to reduce the quantity of ink and of paper consumed. I use recycled materials.  How about you?

A “touch” of French in Japan

Presence of the French language in Japan. These are my “Best of”…

“Best of” #1:  French in Japan
“Best of “ #2: Hairdressers ahead!
“Best of” #3: After the state of emergency…
“Best of” #4: Autumn 2020 (Film director : Baptiste Maillet during his internship in Junior High School)
“Best of” #5: Winter 2020-2021
“Best of” #6: Spring 2021 - Games, yes or no ?
“Best of” #7 : Fall 2021. Will the borders be opened in 2021 ? 
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