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Web Site and Blog Reviewing

site sur un ordinateur portable

A web site should be properly checked and corrected

before going online. 
(Option 1)    I carefully screen all the content 
and provide a detailed report.

(Option 2)    Basic consulting by telephone about errors in French usage.
(Option 3)    I offer ongoing, regular verification of your online texts. 

Review of CV and Covering Letter


Your application must be clear and convincing in the first few lines.

I carefully go through your text and propose a number of suggestions.  Online consultation can be arranged if desired.

Essays, Theses, Articles, Book Scripts, etc.. 


Your first draft is ready, and you need a precise, professional review before sending it to an editor or selection committee.

I proofread your document thoroughly and return it revised. You choose which corrections and suggestions to incorporate into the final version of your text.

Proofreading Leaflets, Flyers, Shop Displays, etc.

Menu Salsalt

You have a text in French that you need to ensure is free of errors.

Let me proofread it before printing or posting.

I try to work with a limited impact on the environment.

Stakeholders' advice is essential to improve our services.

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